• codev2

    Iden3 hopes to become an open standard for Self Sovereign Identity. We intend to deliver a reference Open Source implementation of the protocol that can be used by end users very soon.

    The main requirements of this protocol are usability, interoperability, privacy by default and scalability. In order to achieve the last two, zero knowledge technology is key.

    Zero Knowledge is one of the hot topics in the crypto space. And it's also a key technology for Iden3. That's why we are putting in a lot of effort to help develop this technology and to bring it to the end user.

  • ethcc3

    Last May 5th, iden3 team participated at Ethereum Community Conference in Paris. 

    Jordi Baylina and David Suarez updated the audience about the iden3 project objectives, development of new protocols and modules for the complete identity management solution, and the state of the zero-knowledge proof technology with some example use cases that could be developed on top of it.

    The full video of the presentation can be found herehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YzUSaCSzPaM

  • Code

    This tutorial will guide you in creating your first Zero Knowledge zkSnark circuit. It will navegate across the various techniques to write circuits and it will show you how to create proofs and verify them off-chain and on-chain on Ethereum.


  • Iden3 Web

    Recently, an association called 0KIMS was created to develop and launch a new distributed blockchain-based identity management solution: iden3.