Identity Wallet

Open Source iden3 Identity Wallet

iden3 project is developing an identity wallet so the end user can create and manage his identities.

This module is still in early development and in Proof of Concept stage, this is why a direct access to the app is not published yet.

A full environment for testing the functionalities of the solution will be published soon for free test access, so as instructions to execute them for some use cases.

Login to a classic centralized application example

If we take this use case, Identity wallet is able to guide you through the steps of: 

Identity creation


Welcome Screen

Passphrase creation to generate the key pair

Passphrase creation

Creation of a label or name for the new identity

Your Name

Show your identities and some linked information

Identity information

Create a claim by scanning a QR with a challenge from the centralized App

Scan QR

The claim for authorizing a key for the centralized App is issued and the login automatically performed

Claim Created

Details from the claim can be browsed from the App

Show Claim